Monday, September 15, 2008

Kidney Walk or Bust

Hi girls! No cards today, my husband has my stamp room in a mess right now. Trying to work on some window stuff. I'm hoping he will have it cleaned up by this weekend. My 3 tests I had this week are over and I'm hoping to get some stamping time after the mess is cleaned up.

I do have some good news I can share with you. The Kidney Walk was yesterday and we had a blast!! It was alittle cold out, but that didn't stop us! Our team name is Giddy Up Glomeruli, hence the cowboy hats. We made over $2000, which put us in 4th place overall out of 33 teams. I am REALLY excited about this because my original goal was $500. Once we reached that amount, I had to up it to $1000, and now we have pasted that!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! I really hope the money goes to help someone who really needs it. Like my friend Kenna who needs a Kidney Transplant!! Thanks again to everyone who donated their money and time to an event that is so close to my heart!!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to a non stampin related story today!!

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Tegan said...

how awesome! looks like a lot of fun, and all for a great cause too.

hope your tests went well jenny! im sure you did just fine. relax :)