Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going to Disney!!

Just wanted to update my blog and let everyone know I will be gone for the next two weeks. I'm leaving for Disneyland tomorrow and then off to a Kidney Camp for kids in Kansas City right after that.

This might be TMI but, I had kidney problems as a child and my kidneys are damaged due to the disease. I am going to Kidney Camp in Kansas City to see the Doc who took card of me as a child. I will also be volunteering my time with the kids as well. This is where I will be staying when I go to camp Lake Doniphan
I have become more involved with the NKF here in Colorado and have started my own team for the Kidney Walk. Anyone interested in giving to a great cause OTHER than stamping, here is the link to my team page...
Giddy Up Glomeruli
(sorry I'm new to HTML and don't know how to change this to the word link yet). I just know that other people besides me are affected by kidney disease and you never know who that might be. So this is really why I posted this. Anyone of my readers may have the disease and I don't know it. I always like to meet people who have been through the same things as I with my this. Thanks for hangin' in there for this long post.
Oh and if you have a chance pop over to this link Swiftly Created I was featured as her Daily Dazzler on Sat. morning. Leave her a nice comment or try her challenge, she is a sweet heart. I'm trying to repay her for all the traffic she sent to my blog. Thanks Tegan, and you're card will be mailed tomorrow before I leave.
Hope everyone has a nice 2 wks!!!


Tegan said...


I was thinking, why the heck can't she do my challenge-maybe she thinks because she doesn't live in Australia or something...hmm. But now I know LOL. So I wish you the best time and the best weather for Disney Land! Go on a rollercoaster for me or something-I'm a big wimp :)

Tegan said...

pop over to my blog to see your name again. i nominated you for an award :)