Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NO Excuses!

Yep, it's been awhile again. I'm not going to give any excuses for it. I've just taken a couple months off from blogging again. I just have a really hard time posting cards that I have made. I have a ton of other stuff going on right now so I'm just busy, as everyone is. I really don't know how all the women out there with full time jobs and kids get it done. I'm having a hard time just posting without kids right now. It gives me a new respect for all the women who do this everyday. Some of them post more than once a day and sometimes more than one card . WOW!!! Is about all I can say about that. I do have a stock pile of cards to show you and I plan to make more of an effort to upload to Splitcoast and then blog here. So welcome back to me...I guess! Have a good evening.

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