Monday, October 13, 2008

Wiped Out

Hi ladies, sorry for the absence. But believe me when I say I would rather be bloggin' and stampin' than studying 10 hrs a day for MidTerms. I got alittle caught up over the weekend and I might have some time to stamp tonight. Whoo Hoo. So I will make this short so I can get on to the stampin'. I don't have anything new to show you but if you didn't get over to see my cards at DeNami's Designs Blog here is you're chance to see them now. First is the lady eating chocolate. I would love to be her right now. Sitting around, no worries, eating Bon Bons!!

Second is the the little clips I made out of her Candy stamps. I knew these were what I wanted to do with these when I bought them. I used my Cuttlebug Flower Dye Cut to make the backgrounds. You can't see in the picture, but I have glitter on the little swirls of the candy's.
Better get onto STAMPING MY HEART out while I have time. Thanks for stopping by! Have a good evening!


Laura Davis said...

Darling as always Jenny!

Tegan said...

love the clips jen! sorry i haven't said hi for so busy with school. which im sure you can relate to with your midterms

Justine said...

Great idea, these would be fun little additions to my son's Valentines for teachers