Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Explanation for Absence

Hi ladies, sorry for being gone for so long!! Things got pretty crazy after I returned from Vegas! My grandmother was in a bad car accident right after we returned. I have been going to Greeley to visit her and help my mom out. She is finally doing much better and am very thankful for that!
I had surgery a week ago on my left knee. And since then have been fighting off a bad allergic reaction to the prep solution that was used on my leg. I'm talking from the middle of my thigh to my ankle has been red, inflammed, itchy, blistered, rashy and burned. 9 days, 3 topical creams, many oral Benadryll, 2 doctors appts and 3 sleepless nights later my leg is finally feeling better.
I didn't want anyone to think I had stopped stamping for good, although I haven't had any time recently to do it. Hope everyone else is doing ok. And I should be able to start stamping alittle again before the end of my school semester.
See ya soon!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I was wondering where you had gone to. I hope everything gets better soon. You been missed!!!

Janna said...

Jenny I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother but very glad to hear she is doing better! And your surgery! I am so sorry to hear it has been so rough! I hope you get to feeling better very soon!


Jovita said...

Oh Jenny sorry to hear about your grandmothers accident, happy to hear that she's doing much better.

Hopefully the worst of your allergic reaction is over and you'll be back to stamping in no time.

Let me know if you need help with anything... I'm only about an hour away. Take care ;) Jovi

AlienAnessa said...

Holy crap, you had alot going on! I kept coming in here and thinking well, maybe they decided to make Vegas their home!!! And wowzers about your knee/leg!! I'm so sorry to hear about that and your grandma!

Anonymous said...

Wow ... sounds like you've really been through alot! I hope your grandmother recovers quickly and also hope the worst of you rash is gone! Wishing well and looking forward to seeing some of your beautiful cards!

Janelle said...

Jenny! You don't know me, but you were just within 5 miles of one of my family members while at the hospital! I was born in Greeley and most of my family still lives there.

I can't believe the troubles your family has gone through. I'm hoping you and your grandmother continue to recover.

(I read your post over at Verve's Release Party forum. Hope to see you there on Friday.)

Stampin' Pam said...

WOw Jenny - sorry to hear all that but thanks for letting us know you're OK. I hope you are all over your issues now and especially hope your grandma is OK too. hugs n smiles!

Lynn said...

Holy Cow Jenny you have had some horrible things going on, you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother's accident and the trouble with your leg.
When it rains it pours I guess, I hope your feeling better.

Shawne said...

Oh no, that's one of the worst couple of weeks I've heard of in a while. Soo glad things are going better for you and your grandmother. Man, what a terrible reaction, not to mention benadryl makes you feel so lousy. Better luck in the coming days and weeks! Shawne